Report Says The 2008 United States Presidential Election “Best Internet Marketing”

Videos shared on YouTube and blogs scrutinizing candidates are part of an Internet-age revolution shaking up the US presidential election and sweeping in a new political era. The role of the Internet and new media is becoming more important in election results as the Internet penetration rate increases.

Obama’s official Web site is twice as popular as Clinton’s. The results seem similar to the primary results now. It means the Alexa Ratings are reflecting the real people’s votes and the higher place is not just because of Internet marketting.

The rise of blogging and voter-posted videos also holds danger for candidates, whose every comment and move can be captured and shared online by anyone with a camera phone and basic Internet skills.

Bittergate refers to a controversy Obama was mired in after he referred to small town Pennsylvania residents as “bitter” people who “cling to guns and religion” during a private fundraising event in San Francisco.

Clinton’s campaign took a hit when the same blogger posted audio recording of her ex-president husband, Bill Clinton, calling a magazine reporter a “scumbag” for writing an unflattering story about him.

“The political establishment and mainstream press are only beginning to catch up with a new generation of political players who are creating powerful new ways for ordinary citizens to get involved,” said Andrew Rasiej, founder of the Personal Democracy Forum devoted to exploring how technology is changing politics.

Source: Yahoo News

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