Review of FeedZero, an Aggregator for RSS Feed

FeedZero is an RSS feed aggregator that uses Bayesian filtering to sort out what you like from what you don’t. It’s free, hopefully simple and honestly, rather innovative. All you have to do is sign up, subscribe to some RSS feeds, and then start. will learn from your choices and in future highlight the stories that it thinks you’ll like and hide the ones you won’t.

Bayesian filtering is a method of sorting data based on a set of rules that grows to be more intelligent the more that the user interacts with it, and it’s very good at its job. Bayesian filtering sits behind the scenes and does a lot of the grunt work that we take for granted. Search engine spiders use it to make better sense of webpages. eBay uses it to detect fraudulent users.


  • Import your RSS feeds from your favourite sites: Look for the RSS icon on your favourite sites - if you can find it, it means you can import the feed into your profile. Simply locate the feed URL, click the Manage Feeds link, and enter it in.Alternatively, if you already have a list of feeds, you can import an OPML file.
  • Let it know what sort of articles you like and don’t like: Once your feeds have been imported, you’ll be presented with a list of all the items in those feeds. All you have to do to train is mark which items you like and which items you don’t like.The more items that you train on, the more accurate a profile can be built on your preferences - and the better results you’ll get.
  • Get a customised list of articles just for YOU: After you’ve rated a few items, will start building a profile of your likes and dislikes. New items that come in from any of your feeds will be filtered according to your preferences.

A new feature from a recent update of Firefox that you might have missed is the ability to subscribe directly to feeds with FeedZero from the Firefox browser: To add FeedZero as an option to your Firefox feed reader list, simply visit the manage feeds page on FeedZero - look in the left side column for the module titled ???Add feeds directly from Firefox??? and follow the instructions.


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