Review of Mologogo: A Free Service for GPS Mobile Phone

Want to track someone and their mobile phone for free? Here’s a service that will allow you to track the location of the mobile phone in question privately via a sign in account or very publicly. Just download Mologogo, a free Java app that works with any Sprint Nextel GPS phone. Once the software is installed on the phone, you can log in to Mologogo’s site and track it using Google Maps. And unlike other web-based GPS tracking services, not only is the software free, but accessing the tracking data is as well. Here is a list of tested phones.

The following are the major features for Mologogo:

  • See where you are and where you’ve been
  • Find friends who are close by and chat with them
  • Search for local points of interest
  • Keep track of kids, employees, and vehicles
  • Check real-time local traffic and weather
  • Share your location info on blogs or web pages
  • Post your location to Twitter

About 2000 people have downloaded the free Mologogo program onto their phones. One of them accidentally left his phone in a taxi one day. Instead of simply calling his phone, he sat down at his computer and watched the phone zoom back and forth across New York City, until the cab driver found the phone and called him.

Since Mologogo launched in October, its 1,000-plus members have found plenty of uses for it: following marathon runners, keeping track of the kids, planting a phone in the car in case it´s stolen, watching a boyfriend´s every move etc. etc

Source: Mologogo

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