Seven Perspectives for Social Networking: Heading for Web 3.0?

Here is a list of scenarios and technologies that will shape the Internet’s future. Some are already available and a few we’d like to look forward to in the near future:

1>  Niche Club

While Myspace and Facebook may have introduced the world to social networking, it is evolving quickly. There is new web-based software coming out (such as that can turn just about any blog into a social networking site.

2> Iphone and geography tracking

The days of telling your parent that you are going to the movies when you are really going to a party are over. Not only can your parents track your geographic location, but just about everyone else can too.

3> Streaming Live Video

Sites like allow anyone with a $20 webcam to host their own show. In the past, if you missed your favorite television show, you pretty much had to depend on your friends to inform you of what happened. Not anymore! In fact, many shows now stream new episodes at the same time, or very quickly after the show has aired.

4>  Social lending

Now, getting a personal loan is easier than ever. Peer to Peer Lenders like Lending Club can get you a 25K personal loan funded by individuals across the USA. You still have to fill out personal information, but the stacks of paperwork that we were all accustomed to are now ancient history.

5> Online Elections

While this idea hasn’t quite caught on yet, just think of the possibilities. If we can do everything from purchasing movie tickets to paying our bills online, why can’t we vote online as well?

6> Mobile Profiles

With GPS, WiFI and iphone like devices it isn’t hard to imagine one day walking into a bar and being able to scroll through the profiles of everyone who comes within certain proximity to you.

7> Universal Connectivity

You may have a hard time trying to keep track of all of your usernames and password. In the near future, sites like are coming close to safely allowing users to only need one username and one password for everything. These accounts will link all of your various networks in one place. This is welcome news to people all over the world, who have trouble remembering birthdays, let alone what username goes with what password.


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