Six Firefox Add-Ons Makes the Browser More Meaningful

If you are a die-hard Firefox user then I am sure you are always on the look-out for tips to get more out of Firefox in less time and hence be more productive. Here are six ways you can keep yourself organized when taking notes on web pages.

1. Diigo
It’s really a bookmarking powerhouse with note-taking capabilities. When you’re on a Web page select the text/image you want to highlight and click the highlight button on your Diigo toolbar. Doing so will highlight that content as well as keep a copy of it in your Diigo account. You can also add notes to any content on a page. The next time you return to that page, there will be your notes as you left them, so no need to figure out where you left off.

2. Google Notebook
It is going to give you a reminder about blog article ideas. Google Notebook fits easily in Firefox browser. Just select the content on a page, and “clip” it to your account.

3. Internote
A simple, but effective way to manage notes on any Web page you view. Just like Diigo, but much more simplified in that it keeps your notes on the page when you return to it. No bookmarking, just notes.

4. Dappad Notebook Sidebar
This tool will let you keep all sorts of content in your Firefox sidebar. You can even share the information you save with friends, make private, or share with the public at large. Just copy from Word or Excel and put it in here if you wanted. Also, the tagging feature makes it more user friendly.

5. MyStickies

A colorful way for you to add your notes in boxes all over a Web page. Move them around to your liking. Return to that page, and your notes are waiting for you.

6. Notefish
It is pretty much the same as above, but the information is collected on your account page instead of on the Web page you’re on. So you can rearrange or colorize the stuff over there for further convenience.

All of the above tools are free to download.

Source: InformationWeek

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