Socialcast Launched Twitter type Application for Enterprise

Socialcast recently announced the latest version of Socialcast 3.0, a Twitter type of collaboration tool for sharing the ideas for small and medium enterprises. The micro blogging tool can be used to replace the intranet of a company. The company can sign up for a free 30-day trial of the service with no early termination fees and thereafter they will be charged $5 per user per month beyond 1000 employees.

Socialcast 3.0 users can add links to Twitter, Digg and other social networking sites. They can set alert for new mwssage, add new comments and vote on posting. As per Tim Young, CEO of Socialcast, the whole idea is to connect this new tool for existing and future enterprise APIs  in order to make it a bigger messaging hub.

Forrester Research analyst Tom Grant said Socialcast is an unique tool for social networks in the enterprise. “I’ve talked to even some very large companies that don’t know how to proceed with social networks,” Grant told.

By using Socialcast, an enterprise team can make meaningful contributions to the organization. Additionally, it helps reduce organizational “spam” and increase productivity and build knowledge based group within the organization.

“We’ve found that employees are using consumer services to complement what they have in-house because IT isn’t giving them tools like Google Reader that they can also use at home,” Young told “We thought it would be great to be able to surface knowledge to your colleagues from wherever you are and leverage the collective intellect.”

Source: Internet News

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