Software Prices are Raised Again by Oracle

pic-for-oracle_thumb2 Oracle again increased the software prices after one year at least by 20%  to maximum 40 % for certain products. The administrative tools used for monitoring and compliance witnessed big jump in prices compared to databases and application server product.

“I’d certainly like to say this is price gouging, but really it is just smart business. Oracle knows database sales can’t grow forever and that customers will sooner or later need to have additional tooling. Strategically, it’s much smarter to price non-core components higher to ensure consistent adoption and cash flow of the primary product line.” said Dave Rosenberg in his blog.

That raises some question if Oracle’s upcoming acquisition of SUN Micro turns out to be true. How Oracle is going to price MySql? Whether all of the existing tools will work with MySql or customers have to purchase two set of tools. Whether MySQL users will be comfortable with Oracle changing pricing policies? This is standard practice for software companies to raise the price. But, open source companies like MySql keeps the cost of sales low in order to keep volume of sales very high. It is a good idea to buy the software and support from one single source, but, it is interesting to see how the sales strategy of Oracle changes after the ownership of MySql.

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