Sun Unveils Internet Application Builder with JavaFX

Sun’s Chief Executive, Rich Green hailed JavaFX, a rich Internet application environment at its JavaOne conference. This tool is all set to compete with Adobe Systems’ AIR and Microsoft’s Silverlight. He showed a JavaFX application with Flickr and Twitter feeds running in Facebook within the browser, and then he dragged it out of the browser–to the desktop. The same application also was shown running on a Java-enabled phone via JavaFX Mobile.

Sun wants to expand the way Java plays on the Web by adding a scripting language, JavaFX. Scripting languages tend to be easier to use than full-bore C#, C++, or Java. Languages such as Ruby, Perl, Python, and PHP have gained currency in Web applications because they are easy to apply in user interfaces and easy to change. JavaFX is another such language and compiles its simple scripting code to the same byte code that Java does. Consequently, JavaFX can run in the Java Virtual Machine anywhere Java does, including on smartphones, PCs, and servers.

Sun is hoping to tap into 2.2 billion mobile devices and the vast majority of desktop PCs that are Java-enabled. JavaFX was shown running on Google’s Android mobile platform. Green noted that 85 percent of cell phones, 91 percent of desktops, and 100 percent of all Blu-ray Disc players will run JavaFX.

Sun set forth a road map for JavaFX:

* In July, Sun will open the JavaFX Desktop SDK Early Access Program
* In the fall, JavaFX Desktop 1.0 ships.
* In the spring of 2009, the JavaFX Mobile and TV 1.0 variants will ship.

Source: InformationWeek

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