The Latest Enterprise Telecom Product from Flint will Help Voice Calls Directly through the Flint Switching Network

Flint Telecom Group Inc., a provider of ”turnkey” IP telecom services to Global Telecom and Enterprise Markets, announced the enhancement of SaaS based enterprise product HipLink software. The new product is a hybrid version for existing customers so that they can send voice calls directly through the Flint switching network. It will also enable customers’ access to turnkey end-to-end voice solutions for emergency and standard broadcasts for any size.

HipLink gives an organization a central alert software system to enable any employee or application to instantly communicate with any SMS messaging or voice enabled wireless device through Flint’s wireless cellular paging software.  With a Fortune 1000 installed customer base and over a thousand corporate clients, HipLink spans every vertical and horizontal market.

Flint Telecom’s Enterprise Software Division provides enterprise-grade software for alerting and mass notification services for enterprise and government clients, connecting people to critical business systems, information and processes and enabling emergency communication.

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