The Latest Rlease of Web Application Framework, Ruby on Rails Provides Better Thread Safety and Connection Pooling

The latest version of web application framework, Ruby On Rails 2.2 was just released. The software provides internationalization framework and stronger support for HTTP validators. Internationalization is the default feature and HTTP validators is provided by in the form of eTag. Thread safety and a connection pool for the Active Record capability are the other interesting features.

Connection pooling in version 2.2 enables Rails to distribute requests across a pool of databases. Transactional migrations in version 2.2 are supported on PostgreSQL out of the box. The code will be compatible with other database types in the future, the notes said.

“So now all elements of Rails are thread-safe, which is a big boon for the JRuby guys in particular,” a blog on the site stated. “For C Ruby, we still need a bunch of dependent libraries to go non- blocking before it’ll make much of a difference, but work on that is forthcoming.”

Source: Yahoo News

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