Sybase iAnywhere: Enterprise Solutions in Your iPhone

The latest update of Sybase iAnywhere , a provider of secure mobile application, incorporates security and usability enhancements in order to strategize enterprise wise adoption. The new enterprise sandbox model is going to provide security and usability challenges that corporate iPhone user demands from Mobile Technology Vendors. It is a little difficult to provide secure infrastructure like data encryption for iPhone in comparison with Windows mobile or Symbian OS.

Users can use the sandbox as e-mail, calendaring, tasks, and contacts. The enterprise can protect the application by using the password and can also encrypt the data that is stored in the sandbox. The other useful features are administrative controls to manage the data cost of roaming to other networks, and support of remote consoles and Web services for task automation. The new features can reduce the total cost of ownership successfully.

“The fact that the iPhone is such a personal device means that the traditional approach of enforcing enterprise policies across devices may infringe on usage habits around applications like iTunes and videos, or for activities like jogging. It’s going to be a hassle to punch in a seven-digit password every time especially if you’re trying to get to another playlist,” said Krishnapilla.

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