The Latest Worm, Conficker or Downadup, Hit Millions of Computers Worldwide

Conficker or Downadup, the fastest growing computer worm hit the internet, affecting millions of computers across the world, as per security expert. It takes advantage of windows vulnerability and spread by guessing the PC administrative password on net or by means of USB drive. China was affected the most with 29% infection and Argentinia stood second with 11% infection. The infection rate is about 1% in USA.

The worm spread very fast almost like lighting speed and converts the infected PCs into a system called Botnet that accepts instructions accordingly from the master. The designer of the worm wrote some special code that hit the PC population at China and Brazil the most. The reason behind this may be that the piracy plays an important role for those countries. The botnet may operate in the background, using the infected computer to send spam or infect other computers, or it might steal the PC user’s personal information. Security experts are not sure yet how to fix the problem.

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