The New $199 iPhone for AT & T Customers?

Fortune reports that AT&T is preparing to offer a $200 subsidy for buyers of the next-generation Apple iPhone, widely expected to be introduced this summer. It writes that since the new, presumably faster models will start at the same $399 base price as the current iPhones, that will drop the effective price to $199.


A few days ago, Engadget announced that the new phone will be a bit thicker than its predecessor, while Fortune stated that the 3G iPhone will be 2.5 mm thinner.

Every industry pundit is saying that Apple will announce and start selling the next-generation 3G iPhone some time this summer. The retail price on the 8GB and 16GB models will likely be set at $399 and $499, respectively.

So, how can you get your hands on a 3G iPhone for as little as $199. Well, if you sign your life away with a two-year service agreement, (they say) you will receive a $200 subsidy/discount in much the same way that you would on many other phones from AT&T. The $399 8GB 3G iPhone (that’s a lot of numbers) gets a net price of $199.

Source: Mobile Magazine

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