The Top Five Ways to Protect Corporate Data

images1Company spent millions of dollar every year to protect their networks. The most popular approach to dispel the fear of hackers  is Firewall, Gateway filter and other monitoring devices.  But companies are paying more attention now a days to secure corporate data which was previously ignored.

The most popular ways to protect corporate data are:

  • Encrypt important data: Encryption and decryption has to happen on continuous basis inside corporate data. Full disk encryption is the best approach so that entire physical hard drive is encrypted.
  • The control  and monitoring of the data plays an important role when the data is unencrypted. It should cover the unencrypted form of data and provide privileges, or rights, based on the user’s role and sensitivity of the data. By monitoring data company can figure out who edited, read or printed data and can create audit trail that demonstrate compliance with regulations.
  • Each company must abide by some kind of security policy or regulation. Security policy can be maintained globally, but should be enforced locally. The security policy must cover up rules for data usage and retaining control of regulated data at all times.
  • Daily and weekly backups of servers have to be conducted in such a manner that server can be restored in the shortest possible time in case of total failure.
  • When attackers can access the system physically, they can create heavy damage. They can compromise password-protected computers by using a removable “boot” disk to gain access. One way to address the problem is to initiate a badge program that includes an employee picture, and color-code specific areas of access.
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