The Top 8 tips Every Project Manager should Avoid

social-meda-project-management As a Project Manager of an IT start up firm, I gather some experiences about do’s and dont’s of the complete process. I already mentioned tips to become a successful project manager. In this article, I would like to share my experience with you about the key mistakes that project manager should avoid.

  • Not maintaining schedule: This is the biggest mistake a project manger makes in terms of finishing a project successfully.  You have to evaluate your planned and actual schedule periodically. If you don’t maintain your schedule since day one, you will be falling behind to deliver your project deliverables. You also have to find out any obstacle why the project is behind schedule
  • Not concentrating on both of the technology and business: Many IT managers come from pure technology background. They sometimes forget to perceive the project from business standpoint.  From my point of view, you have to pay importance to the business issues first, then the technology.
  • Don’t cover up your mistake: You must be bold enough to admit your limitations. If you cover up your small mistake for a longer period, it may pile up to big one and seriously hamper your team spirit . That can ultimately affect the project performance.
  • Don’t look down other peoples’ concern: Try to handle personal issues in a smart way within the team. Ask more questions, more frequently, to familiarize with them. That can motivate your team members and they become more productive in turn.
  • Not testing your Back ups:  During the advancement of a project, project back up is very imperative. Reliability is the biggest issue for back up solution and make sure that it can handle breakdown in technology hardware.
  • Not leaving the scope of the project as flexible: You have to be confirmed about the scope of the project before you initiate it. You can waste your energy and team work if exact project goal is not sure. The project scope should include  the details on how to get to the project deliverables done.
  • Not getting the users involved: It is a good idea to get the users involved from the start of the project on regular basis. So, if there is any lapses, it can be detected on early stage through interaction with the client.
  • Not paying attention for personality development: If you make mistake quite often, this is the time you should pay attention for personality development. You can take a short course on Personality Development or join IT seminar from time to time to update your skills.
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