Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Project Manager

proj2 If your project can’t meet a deadline or you deliver project not within the budget and react to problems after they occur,  continually add resources as the project goes ahead, then you need to reevaluate your project management methodology to maintain better control and make confident decisions. A good project manager has to have a general management skills with a strong hunch to solve the problem. You have to plan and manage the project, not to do it.

As per as my experience is concerned in IT industry, you need the following core skills to become a successful project manager.

  • Be Organized: It is imperative to view a big project in broader perspective and prioritize the task. In a project, there are plenty of things to be done. Unless you prioritize with proper planning, it is going to be difficult to control and manage the project in the long run. The project deliverables will be delayed if any important task is pushed back further.
  • Cutting the cost of the project: You need to acquire the skill to lower the cost by accomplishing more work in less time with limited resources.
  • Be a Leader and Manager: A Manager in business terms ensures tasks are done through others. A Leader in practical terms motivates others to do the task. In order to finish a project successfully you have to have both of the skills.
  • Communication Skill: As a good manager, you have to communicate with your team members through email, meeting and status report to exchange ideas. Decision has to be made based upon the ideas and get the job done.
  • Good Project Plan: As you prepare a project plan you have to keep in mind four things 1> What is the problem or value proposition addressed by the project? 2> What are the major products or services and deliverables that have to be performed in the project. 3> who will be involved and their responsibilities 4> What is the project timeline and what are the milestones. Also, you need to make  a realistic project schedule to show project activities with time.
  • Manage your budget:  As a project manager, you have to have good financial knowledge to do the cost estimate of the project. A part of the project plan is also associated with the expense plan. You need to involve with purchasing, quoting, reconciling invoices, timesheets, labor costs, etc in relation with the project.
  • Choose a good framework: A framework is a collection of project management activities. Project management office should provide you with right framework when new project comes in.
  • Be a motivator: Since, you are heading a project , it is your responsibility to unify and motivate the team members so that they can perform their work with enthusiasm. Teamwork is a crucial aspect of successful project completion.
  • Training: A lot of above skills can be successfully developed by means of proper training and practice. If you are going to take over your upcoming project as a new project manager, it is nice if your company can arrange for some type of training before assigning you as a role of project manager.
  • Document different sub processes of Project Management Process for future reference.
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