Top 8 Tips for Becoming a Successful Quality Assurance Manager

tqmIf you want to become a successful Quality Manager, the key is to develop a good QA procedure. You have to clearly define the goal, requirements, review, processes and metrics. It is necessary for you to set up a good QA procedure in order to survive in this competitive market. Most of the good companies who prosper have a solid QA procedure and the implementation starts since the beginning of the project. In this article, I mention a few crucial points in order to become a good QA manager.

  • Processes: The degree of Quality Level an organization achieves depends upon different quality processes of the company. The processes can be Project Management, SDLC, Quality Assurance Process, Configuration Management, Resource Management etc. You should have a solid grasp of these processes. The input and output for all processes should be studied to figure out why a process goes wrong.
  • Resources: You have to make sure that you have proper resources to execute the quality side of the project. That may include technical expertise, investment in software and hardware, investment in training and staff development, etc
  • Management:  Senior managers make the organization’s policy and set it up. As a quality manager, this is your responsibility to convince your top management so that sound quality policy is in place across the organization.
  • Performance management: You can measure the quality of the company’s products, and how effective its processes are, at any time.You should collect and analyse such data in a periodic way. The program has to have well-defined goals, rather than acquiring lot of data.
  • You need to coordinate between projects for QA, Integration Testing, User Acceptance, Performance, Test Data and Test Environment management. You also need to manage technical tests and automation testing.
  • Total Quality Management: One important aspect of TQM is continual improvement. You should never be satisfied the method used, you have to explore further improvement of method for continual improvement. You have to find out source of problems and delays and then improving them is the key for good quality.
  • Quality Certification: You can  persuade the top management to go for ISO or CMM certification. Companies who have received or are going to receive certification emphasized on their processes and how to maximize quality and efficiency. Once the certification is ready, the processes are established and guidelines are in place for anyone to follow easily, making training, transitions, and trouble-shooting easier.
  • Record keeping is an essential concept of Quality Management. But systems can be designed to ease the burden. Records can also turn out to be useful, even for people - such as many engineers. For example,  a software release procedure might require engineers to fill in a form with details of the software being issued. They may find it useful to get important clues from the past releases.
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