Top 5 Platform Virtualization Providers

oracle Platform virtualization is performed on a given hardware platform by host software (a control program), which creates a simulated computer environment, a virtual machine, for its guest software. Currently, virtualization technology is at every walk of our market. It is sometimes confusing to pick up right product and do the architecture for them. I reviewed a few virtualization software for installation at our workplace. Here, I cover up some of them as follows:

  • SUN VirtualBox works on any PC with x86 architecture. It also supports Intel’s recently introduced VT-x and AMD’s AMD-V hardware. It takes 30 mb room of your hard disk, but,  takes lot of memory. In order to run Linux as a host with XP as a guest VM, you’d need at least a gigabyte of RAM.  VirtualBox supports all versions of Windows from Windows 98 on up as guest VMs. It also supports OpenBSD, OS/2 and some versions of Solaris. The free, but proprietary, edition gives you a built-in RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server and USB port support.
  • VMware: This is the pioneer of virtualization technology. Company can offer utility and cloud  computing with the help of Virtual Datacenter OS. They offer different price range depending upon the software you want. VMware’s desktop software runs on windows, Mac and Linux. The Enterprise version runs on VMware ESX software without any additional requirement of Operating System.
  • Xen:  Xen hypervisor offers open standard virtualization technology with x86, x86_64, IA64, PowerPC, and other CPU machines. It supports different guest operating system like Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various versions of the BSD operating systems. Hypervisor is often used by Internet Providing Service as  virtual private servers. The benefit of server virtualization is consolidation, increased utilization, dynamic fault tolerance against software failures etc.
  • Oracle Grid: Oracle Grid Computing includes Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware, Automatic Storage Management and Enterprise Manager Grid Control.  Oracle VM offers the low cost benefit of virtualization across x-86 and x-86-64 bit servers. Oracle’s grid computing technologies and Oracle VM provides virtualization for Data Center.
  • Enterprises use platform to deploy and build enterprise application.  In other word, it is the cloud computing for enterprises. Your company can build applications with clicks, components and code and then instantly deploy them to the platform. It takes long time to build an infrastructure like this at your company. Now, it takes a week for the implementation of your application at a fractional cost.
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