Top 6 ways to Improve your Business Presentation Skills

picture4 I read somewhere that 42% American fear in public speaking. When we see the seasoned presenter in an interactive session, we wonder how did he acquire such a superb skill. I learned over the period of time that practice is one of the major skills that produces such a wonderful result. You should always try to groom your skills and improve them whenever possible. As you climb up in a corporate hierarchy, it is important that you develop the solid skills of presentation. This article gives you some tips in terms of developing business presentation skills.

  • Deliver the value of your company product: There are two important aspects in any business. The first is being able to deliver your ‘product’ with  consistency. The second is being able to sell yourself to your prospective buyer. To achieve this, you have to practice your presentation in a solid way. You can have the best product in the world, however if your presentation skill is poor, it is very difficult to convert your prospect to a potential buyer.
  • Analyze the audience and their credibility: You need to examine the following criteria before the presentation 1> who are the key audience 2> what kind of subject knowledge they have 3> What are the cultural dissimilarities 4> The positive and negative attitude the audience have towards the presenter 5> what is gender and age group of the key audience.
  • Take professional training: There are many clubs on the internet where the members of the club work together to improve each other’s presentation skills. You can join one of those clubs and get your presentation assessed.  You have to make sure that you join only reputed clubs.
    Expert will always help you to improve your skills further and at the same time you can learn from other people in the same area. Many companies also offer presentation skills training programs and you can join one of them.
  • Audience Participation:  You should always draw the attention of the audience so that they do not get bored. The best way to do this is to get them involved all throughout the discussion. Please, make the session an interactive one.
    PowerPoint presentations are great to keep the audience interested and making your presentation more organized and easier to understand. You can also ask question during presentation with some sort of prizes to follow. I bet that your audience will appreciate this.
  • Improve your power point presentation techniques: You can catch the attention of the audience with visual slides.
    Simple and clear graph are an excellent way to present your data. Graphs should show historical trends and patterns at a glance. It is nice to use a large enough font size for any numbers / words on the  graphs so that the audience can read them easily.

    Pie charts and bar charts are very efficient ways to convey your information by use of colour and shading. Keep it simple though.

    Pictures are very effective for communicating with target audience. This encourage the audience to use their imagination and thus help them to stay involved during presentation.

  • Look to the Audience: Avoid showing the back of your head to the audience. You need to look at people  and give them eye contact if you want to get them totally involved. Use your laptop, rather than the screen to take your prompts.
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