Top 8 Benefits of Hosted Solution for Enterprise

Customer needs are changing in accordance with the business economy. Everyone wants to achieve more in a faster way with minimum resource. That generated the enthusiasm for adoption of hosted or “on-demand” models by the type of larger enterprise customers like financial services, hospitality, transportation, government and retail, as well as outsourcers. As per my analysis, the top 8 benefits of hosted solution are:

  • Minimum Upfront Investment: You don’t have to spend much money for expensive software and hardware cost. You can avail the service and infrastructure with a flat annual fee.
  • High Quality Service: You can use powerful hardware, network infrastructure, software upgrades, expert technical staff, and security solutions with the help of hosted solution that many enterprises could not afford.
  • Location doesn’t matter: Users can work from different cities or even countries. That means the same applications, the same file system, a totally centralized platform provided by IT Solutions now.
  • No Maintenance: You don’t have to take the hassle of backup, upgrading operating system or latest version of software or applying the latest security update.
  • Expert Technical or Consultancy service: Most of the hosted solution provider provides Technical support for you. Consultancy service is also available if you want to customize hosted software.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Hosted solution offers the advantage of immediate availability to staff whenever and wherever the solution is required. The facility, most of the time also includes mobile staff - satellite offices, at home, traveling etc.
  • Service Level agreement: High-quality hosting partners will guarantee their service levels and offer customers service level agreements (SLAs) as part of their service.
  • In house IT resource can focus on core business processes. Hosted solution also offers reliable, secure data network with 99% plus performance uptime.

Once you have access to a computer with Internet access—no matter where in the globe you happen to be—you have access to all of your applications and data. You will be able to centralize multiple offices without the need for WANs or VPNs. All you need is the Internet.

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