Top 8 Benefits of CMMI Certification for IT Companies

cmmi-staged-maturity-levels Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) is the collection of best software engineering practices that was designed by Carnegie Melon University. You can use it as a guidance to improve the quality processes at your company.  The guidelines also aims to help organizations focus on process improvement strategies.

The assessment covers five maturity levels and they are planning, engineering, management and maintenance of software. In brief, it will improve cost, productivity, Schedule, ROI, Customer Satisfaction at your company. The following gives you some idea about core benefits of CMMI Certification. You can get further information about CMM from this CMU site. This is based upon my experience for CMMI Audit as well as public reports and interviews.

Benefit of adoption:

  • Provides detailed coverage of the product life cycles.
  • Promotes collaboration between systems engineering and software engineering and shifts the focus to the end product and its associated processes.
  • It is both staged and continuous approaches to process improvement.


  • Used Measurement & Analysis to improve 11 percent increase in productivity.
  • Reduced software defects per million delivered SLOC (Source Lines of Codes) by  50 percent compared to defects prior to CMMI.
  • 44 percent defect reduction following causal analysis cycle at maturity level 2.
  • Increased the achievement of percentage of milestones  from approximately 50% to approximately 95% percentage.
  • Increased number of releases per year.
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