Try the New Cloud Based Ruby Testing Framework Devver if You Need to Speed up Ruby Testing

devver Devver takes the combination of all of the tools that developers use at their desktop and convert them into cloud service. Currently, they emphasize Ruby tools and testing. They have a plan to release an open API so that developers can use it for additional service like Python, PHP and Java languages. Currently, they are offering the service free in private beta release. The company claims to finish test as fast as 1/3 rd time that developer takes to test at their machines.

By using Amazon’s EC2 cloud service,¬† this tool distributes the processing among many powerful computers and in turn, that expedites the test process. You don’t need to open browser to see the test result. The service sends back the result through command line as if the test is conducted locally. When your code is transmitted and distributed in cloud service , it is encrypted.

In order to install the tool, you simply install a RubyGem (Ruby Library), copy a Rakefile into your project, and configure it. As soon as you run your Rake task, Devver syncs over all the code it needs from your project directory. The upcoming new features of Devver is going to generate rich reports, and make it simple to share data between local and distributed developers.

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