US Govt Asked Google Not to Show Five Places

There are at least 51 places you can’t see on Google Maps. One of them is the entire country of Bahrain. Allegedly, the Bahrain’s Ministry of Information blocked Google Maps from its citizens because it didn’t want the local poors to see the private jets and residences of the Gulf state’s riches.

But US Govt also won’t allow Google to show five places to its citizens.

1> The White House is visible, but its rooftop defense system has been digitally erased.

2> The federally-funded Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory only works on national security research. The kind you’re not allowed to see.

3> The Shatt-Al-Arab Hotel in Basra, Iraq is no longer visible in Google Maps. Not after terrorists allegedly used the service to plan an attack, its not.

4> The US Government requested Google not display Dick Cheney’s house.

5> You might be a terrorist, so you’re not allowed to see what the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory looks like.


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