Vanguard Networks Released New Software for Enterprise Companies

Vanguard Networks Applications Ware 7.1 unveiled new software for enterprise users and financial companies to add new functionality with enhanced voice and performance benefits with additional security and routing features.

Application Ware 7.1 is going to provide financial institutions with lower cost IP networks without any change at the ATM or at the Host application. Data Centers can be simplified further by removing extra routers and serial termination equipment, without compromising current and anticipated future levels of ATM services.

BSC-IP Conversion and Trunking Gateway are the two key features of the new release.

* BSC-IP (VBIP) , the major component of Application software helps ATM operators save their investment in existing ATM devices running IBM BCS 3270 protocols. The new functionality makes ATMs to become IP nodes with the capability to send status and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv3) information to a Data Center, allowing Financial Companies to use a single, lower cost IP network.

* Trunking Gateway, is another component of application software. It combines functionality of two devices (Router and Time Division Multiplexer [TDM]) and makes it a single integrated platform solution from Vanguard Network. User can reduce the maintenance cost in this way.

“Maximizing profitability for existing ATM networks must include complete interoperability in multivendor environments,” advised Rudi Willems, President, Vanguard Networks. “Global customers can achieve the best value from their existing networks by taking a ‘best of breed’ approach that consolidates multiple devices to reduce costs and guarantee migration to an all-IP environment.”

Source: Press Release

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