What to Do When Windows Gets Blue Screen of Death

Most of the computer users came across the situation where the screen says “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down…”. Here’s what to do when Windows throws the dreaded Blue Screen of Death your way, and how to restore your OS even if you’ve lost the original restore CD.

When you encounter a BSoD (Blue screen of Death), there’s not much you can do except grumble about lost data, reboot your machine. If you start getting them regularly, however, you have a problem that must be addressed. But, the interesting part is that BSoD screens actually contain some useful information. Please, note down the description and technical details of the problem from the screen.

Then please, reboot your machine and search the web with those problem description. It may be related bad device driver that you changed recently. If that is true, please, do the following.

1. Select Start, Run (in Vista, Run is enough), type devmgmt.msc, and press Enter.
2. Double-click the device in question, click the Driver tab, and then click the Roll Back Driver button.

Otherwise, if you recently added new hardware to your system, installing a more recent version of the driver may fix the problem. Check the vendor’s Web site to see whether there’s an update.

Sometimes a bad RAM module can create the problem. In that case, you can use a free program downloadable at Memtest to test your RAM. This is not a windows program. You can download this .iso file as a CD image and convert it a bootable CD by using Nero. Then, boot and see what Memtest says.

It may be overheating that is causing the problem. Please, open the cabinet of your PC and use an air canister to clean the dust. While the cabinet is open, please, check to see any loose connection internally.

Occasionally, Registry may be the culprit for the problem. You can try running System Restore or use Registry clean up. PC World recommends ToniArts’ free EasyCleaner and ChemTable’s $40 Reg Organizer for this purpose.

If all of the above attempts fail, back up your data and take it to a registered professional.

Source: PC World

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