Will Software Product Development be the Hottest Industry in India?

If you consider about investment, India should be placed in the top destination category. Most of the leading software development companies including Microsoft, Intel, SAP, SUN, Oracle etc have their presence in India. Many product development companies have ISO 9001 or CMMI certification – a mark of quality that is a perquisite for doing global business.

“Products development outsourcing is very high up the value chain. It requires great amount of domain expertise as well as software architecture experience. Outsourcing of products development to India is here to stay,” says V.Vijay Babu, president & COO of Chennai-based iSoftTech Solutions.

Clearly, both MNCs and Product Engineering Services providers have played an important role in developing product expertise in India. While the MNC subsidiaries were the first to build product development talent, specially in the area of growth of their R&D activities, Product Engineering Services providers have been constantly looking for the expertise of their product development talent, in order to to create higher value for customers. A number of these companies have set up Centres of Excellence (CoEs), which have provided a robust platform for building domain knowledge.

Offshore product development companies play a major role to protect the client’s intellectual property, proprietary software and new development specifications with very high levels of security. They focuses mostly in the following area.

  • Product Customizing and Implementations: Software Development companies can customize your products to customer specifications and implement these customized products at customer sites for you. Most of the companies have global network of offices in order to reach your customers with ease. Technology upgrades, migration/porting to newer or alternate platforms/OS are also conducted as part of product reengineering
  • Product Maintenance: Many companies provide services to perform one-time maintenance tasks such re-engineering your product or migrating it to new platforms.
  • Product Enhancements: Those companies can systematically perform feature upgrades for your product. Add functionality to the product or add newer interfaces such as Web interfaces.
  • Product Testing: They can perform testing tasks for a new product or the new release of an existing one. The company can prepare the testing strategy, write test plans, implement these test plans, and track defects to closure.
  • Offshore Product Maintenance and Support Services:A lot of the companies are well equipped to provide a support and maintenance service for Products and Applications. The methodology and communications infrastructure are tailored to provide both onsite and an offshore delivery service.
  • Offshore Product Testing and Quality Assurance Services:Many companies offer extensive experience and sophisticated tools for performing comprehensive product testing. Some of the testing services are Unit Testing, Integration Testing,  Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Validation Testing, Black box Testing, Alpha and Beta Testing, System testing, Recovery Testing,  Stress / Load Testing, Performance Testing, Functional Testing.

Compared to low-end BPO (business process outsourcing) and call centre jobs, products development is more attractive and it shows superior skills of Indian software professionals.

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