ZHMICRO Announced New Internet Server for Enterprise Application

ZHMICRO, a leading developer of software tools based on  z++ ( superset of platform independent c++) unveiled new Internet Server on z++ platform. The new version is capable of handling multiple service requests all through a single port. This new feature enables the developer to develop multi-service applications for mobile devices that can access remote Enterprise server.

ZHMICRO’s Software Development Platform, which includes ZHMICRO Internet Server, offers an integrated development environment (IDE)by extending the capabilities of C++.

Z++ Internet Server has the following features:

  • Allows Distributed Z++ Applications to run on multiple Operating Systems.
  • The Z++ Internet Server includes the Z47 Virtual Processor, which is a Self-Contained Distributed Operating System (SCD-OS) independent of the host Operating System.
  • The Z++ Internet Server provides an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) allowing Information Technology personnel the ability to manage Application Servers utilized in traditional Client/Server configurations as well as in advanced Distributed Computing operating environments.

When used with the Z47 virtual processor, applications written with Visual ‘08 are capable of running on multiple operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, LINUX, and UNIX and mobile operating systems like Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm.

“Mobile and enterprise applications can and should be created with one complete set of tools allowing developers to focus on creating powerful business solutions instead of being required to learn multiple tools and complex SDK’s. This latest Internet Server continues ZHMICRO’s commitment to empower software developers and provide them with a single development platform regardless of operating system or type of device,” said Dr Zorabi Honargohar , chief scientist, ZHMICRO LLC.

Source: PRrelease

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