Apple has Removed “hottest girl” iPhone Apps from its Store

ipodAlthough, Apple allowed “hottest girl” software at its app store for a brief period of time on Thursday, but, the company removed it from the shelf later on. This way the company enforced the policy of prohibition of adult content in its application. The developer added the above software that shows nudity after the app is approved and distributed by the company.

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Apple is Ready to Roll Out 3G S iPhone

iphone3gs_full Apple and AT&T stores are going to sell 3G S  iPhone from Friday at 7 a.m. The 16-GB model will cost $199, and the 32-GB version will be $299. Most analysts say that Apple is going to offer significant hardware improvement for 3G S. Although, the touch screen looks similar to the previous version, it has a powerful processor with 600-MHz processor and 256 RAM, a better camera, more  space, a digital compass, and a coated screen to resist any scratch. The company is going to ship 500,000  3G S iPhone this weekend.

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Now, You can Take the Opportunity of Movie Rental and Purchases at your iPhone 3.0 OS

images Apple announced new features of iPhone 3.0 operating system like movie rentals and purchases at the worldwide Developer’s Conference. Additionally, the 3.0 operating system will add capabilities that lets MobileMe users to track down their iPhone and see its location on a map. The current software requires that users will get the content on iTunes before syncing the device. The update will enable user to purchase movie directly from the handset interface.

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