The Top Nine Advantages of Freemium Business Model

freemium Freemium is a Business Model that offers basic services for free while charging premium for advanced features. Skype is a good example of Freemium Service. Any voice call within the network is free, but, there is a premium for call outside the network. The best part of this business model is that you, as a service provider, can make customer understand why they have to pay money for paid service. I think the business model that focuses on user value and monetize the value is very powerful compared to others.

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Intel Goes Ahead with Remote Access Technology to PCs

Intel developed new technology that will let the users access to a PC remotely and also retrieve the files over the internet. They are going to incorporate Remote Awake technology to the motherboard which is an improved version of Wake-on-LAN or Wake-on-WAN technology. Full article »

Google Found Solution of Gmail Access Problem

Google made a statement on Monday that it has resolved the accessing problem of Gmail which was caused by due to the technical glitch of the contact system. The delivery of email did not occur due to the outage of the contact system. Google first acknowledged the problem in the official discussion forums for Gmail and Google Apps shortly after 2 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time on Wednesday. The user got “502 Server Error” while trying to access Gmail.

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AML Free Registry Cleaner 4.8 Released

AML Free Registry Cleaner 4.8 is a very powerful tool for cleaning Registry, fixing PC errors and optimizing PC. It cleans up and repairs windows Registry problems with a few clicks so that you can enjoy efficient PC. AML Free Registry Cleaner also includes other utilities - a Start up manager, Uninstall manager, Process manager, Disk cleaner and Registry search. This application lets you back up and restore the registry.

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A Close Look of SmarterStats, a Web Analyzing Tool

SmarterStats 4.x is a full-featured web server log processing and reporting tool, that provides complete reports for website traffic, visitors, referrers, traffic patterns, search engines and any other detail expected from an expert log analyzer. The program installs as a service that automatically processes your log files in the background and provides a very intelligent web interface that allows you to view the graphical reports for your site(s).

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AOL Will Use Vidoop’s OpenID for Authentication

Online-service provider named AOL just released Vidoop ImageShield technology to each and every one of its users—each of whom has an AOL-based OpenID. Now, the Vidoop ImageShield user base is the AOL user base. Because Vidoop ImageShield is accessible to more than 100 million AOL users.

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Apple is Going to Launch iPhone App Store on Thursday Morning

Apple’s highly anticipated App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch is likely to launch tomorrow, according to Forbes citing three sources. The launch would take place at noon Eastern time, which is 9am out here on the west coast

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Google Launched “Lively” to Create Virtual World on Web

Google Lively is the new 3D virtual world created by the world’s largest search engine. It’s free. And it changes everything. Especially for telecommuters. Google Lively is billed as a “chat experience” using avatars.

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The Market Capitalization of VMWare Drops by 25% due to the Exit of the CEO

The virtualization  company,  VMware Inc. (NYSE: VMW) has made an announcement of a significant management change this morning.  Diane Greene is departing as the company’s President and CEO.

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Privnote: Send Self-destruct Private Note

Privnote is yet another not-so-interesting online notes sharing service that is perhaps perfect for users seeking extra security while sharing information.

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