US Should Wake Up After India’s Tech Revolution: US Deputy Secretary Nominee

iit_oldDennis Hightower, the Deputy Secretary nominee under Obama administration said that countries like Brazil, India, Russia can throw a major challenge to US dominance in the world market. He also mentioned that those countries implemented major industrial policy that can be compared with the dominance of Japan in the 60’s. He further said that he was amazed by India’s commitment to reinvesting in technology and the implications for the United States after his recent visit to India. Full article »

The Top 6 Ways You can Develop PR Basic for a Startup Firm

uhaul When people launch product or services for their new company, they put advertisement to catch the attention of the audience. But, if the advertisement fails for some reason, that is going to be a huge loss for a starup firm. Once you lose money from your startup budget, it may turn out to be very difficult to manage finance for the  second time. A good PR skill is an effective marketing tool, for this kind of company. I guess that a product that draws attraction in the context of  printed news report gets more spotlight than third party advertisement.  A good PR skill is the way to catch the media’s attention. In this article, I emphasized on 10 core aspects of your PR plans for your startup company. Full article »

Benefits of Local Networking for Entrepreneurs and Would-be Entrepreneurs‏

2102 When you network, you gain the trust of others as well as their “seal of approval.” That makes your business stronger and more competitive in the mainstream marketplace.  But, networking is more than exchanging business cards. It means initiating relationship.  A contact won’t remember your name for long time unless he notices and values you. In this article, I emphasized on the core benefits for business networking. Full article »

CISCO Laid Off 700 People at San Jose HQ on Thursday

images2As per San Hose news, CISCO downsized by laying off 700 employees at its San Jose headquarter. Due to the economic crisis , CISCO planned early this year to eliminate 1500 to 2000 people from its workforce as per Wall Street Journal. This downsizing is going to help the company to save between $1 bill to $1.5 bill of its expense. CISCO’s revenue fell by 17% during third quarter and it is expected to announce double digit decline in sales during fourth quarter. Full article »

Mortgage Refinancing Activities Strengthened the Second Quarter Earning of Investment Banking

wall-street-new-york-city_web Big Investment bankers like Bank of America, Chase and Goldman Sachs are due to announce their second quarterly result later this week after impressive performance in the first quarter. JPMorgan Chase, for example, is expected to report anywhere from a profit of 27 cents a share to a loss of 23 cents a share. Bank of America’s estimates, on the other hand, range from a loss of 11 cents to a profit of 70 cents a share. Goldman Sachs already announced their profit 3.44 bill dollar today which is much higher than expected. Comparatively, JP Morgan Chase is due to announce smaller profit of $280 million, or 4 cents a share.

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Guess How Much It is Going to Cost to the Govt and Taxpayers to Get GM Out of Bankruptcy

gm Very recently, you must have heard the important news from AP Radio that GM has been able to exit out of the bankruptcy successfully. But, AP didn’t want to disclose the fact how much Govt and US taxpayers have to compromise to help GM out of bankruptcy. AP clearly understated the amount of Govt money that was spent.

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Can Social Network Site Help You Find a Job?

job_search_steps Social Networking is the new and improved way to land your dream job. If you are new to social networking site, you should know that sites like Facebook or Twitter can help you find a job. As per the Market Research firm, Nielson Online,  almost 70 % of the online users use social networking site. You will be wondering to know that there are quite a significant number of people who use those sites to get in touch with the employer or build up peer network to exchange job tips. The following section highlights a few interesting social networking sites in terms of finding a job. Full article »

Top Five Ways You Can Get Fired For Wrongful Use Of Computer

345192_f260 The parameters for the use of computer at workplace are sometimes confusing.  Although, we use internet at work for many of our personal purposes like sending email, paying bills, checking stock ticker, but, we should exactly know where to draw the limit. Since, cases are rising drastically where employee gets fired for wrongful use of computer at work. I am highlighting a few important points for which employee may loose his job. Full article »

Weekly Jobless Claims in US Drops, but, Continuing Claims Shot Up

images2 Although, weekly claims for unemployment insurance went down in USA, but, ongoing claims increases to 7 million. The Labor Dept reports that new claims for jobless benefit dropped to 631,000, down from 643,000 the previous week. The dept further reported that continuing claims increases from 6.6 million to 6.7 million. This is the highest total record since 1967.  The projection is that labor market will remain weak in 2010 and beyond that.

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Top 10 Tips about How to Cut Down Business Expenditure during Recession

23-business_expense When the economy slows down, market swings into the negative direction. You should be smart enough to manage your business in this tough time. During this time, an entrepreneur should think of  reduction of business expenses by means of proper resource allocation and consolidation of businesses. At the same time, you should not compromise with your product or service quality to stay competitive in the market. From my standpoint, I think if a company follow the following procedures, the business is going to be benefited in terms of expenditure. Full article »

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