The Top 6 Ways You can Develop PR Basic for a Startup Firm

uhaul When people launch product or services for their new company, they put advertisement to catch the attention of the audience. But, if the advertisement fails for some reason, that is going to be a huge loss for a starup firm. Once you lose money from your startup budget, it may turn out to be very difficult to manage finance for the  second time. A good PR skill is an effective marketing tool, for this kind of company. I guess that a product that draws attraction in the context of  printed news report gets more spotlight than third party advertisement.  A good PR skill is the way to catch the media’s attention. In this article, I emphasized on 10 core aspects of your PR plans for your startup company. Full article »

Seven Ways to Retain Your Job During Recession and Get a Raise

recession_cards Most of the enterprises are compelled to cut or freeze wages and further raise due to the recession. The future is not also good even though you have job. You have to come up with a way so that you can retain your job and at the same time get decent raise. After all, you have to be very mindful about these two things because you have to pay your bill in every month. I came with 10 best ways you can keep your job after my long discourse with HRD people and Corporate honchos’. I would like to share this with you. Full article »

Top 9 Ways a Start Up Company can Grow during Recession

recession1 As the statistics goes,  recession time is ideal to start new business. Most of the well known and successful companies are born during the time of economic downturn. If you look into the business model of all of the companies, you will learn their tenacity, how they recognize the market need and identify the consumer plan.  I gathered some informations from my company about how to launch business  as well as from a few of my buddies who work as chief strategist of different companies.  I would love to share the information with you. Full article »

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