Netmagic offers cloud computing services

BANGALORE - Leading managed IT service provider Netmagic Solutions Tuesday launched cloud computing services for enterprises to save on capital, space and power.

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Cittio Released Open Source Monitoring Tool Zeppelin for Cloud Computing

cloudZeppelin is a Cittio project that enhances cloud Computing capabilities. The software provides detailed asset, performance, auditing, benchmarking and usage metering information for cloud infrastructure.  It will provide the reporting, analysis and operations support for both internal and remote cloud infrastructures.

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A Close Look at FathomDB, Database as a Service for Cloud Computing

beta_logoFathomDB unveiled on Friday private beta version of its relational database as a service platform for the cloud computing. The service is currently available for mySQL database hosted on Amazon’s EC2 Web Service. But, it has a plan to expand for small cloud based web service in future. The beauty of the service is that it is a managed service that provides backups, monitoring, replication of databases.

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IBM Partners with Amazon Web Service to Provide Amazon Cloud Computing Application to its Customers

IBM made different types of announcement in terms of Cloud Computing recently. The most interesting one is the partnership with Amazon Web Service. The partnership will provide Software as a Service to IBM Amazon Information Management database servers, IBM Lotus content management, and IBM WebSphere portal and middleware products through Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service. On the other hand, Microsoft is also getting ready for its cloud computing service Windows Azure, that will help developers to develop services and applications that are supported by Microsoft’s data centers.

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Open Source Framework Scalr Makes Cloud Computing More Interesting

You can build your hosting environment utilizing Amazon’s EC2 with the release of open source framework Scalr, developed by web 2.0 company Intridea.  Scalr allows you to create server farms through a web-based interface using prebuilt AMI’s for load balancers (pound or nginx), app servers (apache, others), databases (mysql master-slave, others), and a generic AMI.

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Top 5 Cloud Computing Platforms and Infrastructures

Cloud Computing is one of the hottest topic these days. Especially with the economic downturn, enterprises are looking for opportunity to reduce their spending. Cloud computing provides a number of advantages. As per my analysis, the top 5 cloud computing platforms are: Full article »

Ten Key Reasons for Enterprise to Choose Cloud Computing

Cloud computing isn’t about doing anything new, instead it’s about applications that run in the web rather than your desktop. Some technology experts define CLOUD: Common, Location-independent, Online Utility provisioned on-Demand. As per my analysis, the key aspects for selecting Enterprise Cloud Computing are:

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Azure, Microsoft Windows Version to Offer Cloud Computing for Developers

Microsoft recently announced the availability of new OS platform Windows Azure at the start of Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference. Windows Azure will to provide service hosting and management, low-level scalable storage, computation and networking. Users will be able to develop and run the application over the internet by using Azure that resides remotely at Microsoft Data Center. The software is available for preview only for developers

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Oracle Unveiled Product and Services for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a type of computing where IT related functionalities are provided as Service and user can access to the services through internet without any knowledge or expertise about the technology.

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IBM to Invest $360 million for Cloud Computing

IBM is building newest cloud computing center at Research Triangular
facility at North Carolina. The new center is going to provide infrastructure and services for customers. IBM is investing $360 million to build this facility. The Aug. 1 announcement comes on the same day that IBM plans to officially open a cloud computing facility in Tokyo. The North Carolina park is going to open

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