Two Third of the Entrepreneurs are Positive about the Future of Economy: Survey

entrepreneurship2 Entrepreneurs have gone through worst economic period during the last year.  You already know the current condition of your business. But, you may be curious to know how your fellow entrepreneurs are doing and what they think about the future of the economy. Ray Silverstein president of  PRO:  President’s Resource Organization made a survey among different business owners about the future of the economy and the findings are as follows: Full article »

Benefits of Local Networking for Entrepreneurs and Would-be Entrepreneurs‏

2102 When you network, you gain the trust of others as well as their “seal of approval.” That makes your business stronger and more competitive in the mainstream marketplace.  But, networking is more than exchanging business cards. It means initiating relationship.  A contact won’t remember your name for long time unless he notices and values you. In this article, I emphasized on the core benefits for business networking. Full article »

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