Try the New Cloud Based Ruby Testing Framework Devver if You Need to Speed up Ruby Testing

devver Devver takes the combination of all of the tools that developers use at their desktop and convert them into cloud service. Currently, they emphasize Ruby tools and testing. They have a plan to release an open API so that developers can use it for additional service like Python, PHP and Java languages. Currently, they are offering the service free in private beta release. The company claims to finish test as fast as 1/3 rd time that developer takes to test at their machines.

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Does Global Recession Benefit BPO Industry?

bpo The current global recession hit most of the developing countried very badly, it may be a blessing for BPO industries in developing countries. Most of the global players cannot have high fixed costs when their revenues are going down,and that impacts their bottomline. So they will have to make their costs variable, which is keeping with the decrease in the revenue. Thus offshoring and outsourcing are the two top choices they have.For example, many BPO companies who handle mortgage business are doing well during this slowdown period. That’s because many homeowners are going for foreclosure.

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A Close Look at MULE, an Open Source Business Integration Solution

muleMule Enterprise 2.2 is an open source ESB that can be plugged into any vendor applications. It comes with support like HTTP, JMS, SOAP, SMTP. This a novel architecture that supports seamless integration of different business applications.You can get professional support for Mule from Mulesource.

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Cittio Released Open Source Monitoring Tool Zeppelin for Cloud Computing

cloudZeppelin is a Cittio project that enhances cloud Computing capabilities. The software provides detailed asset, performance, auditing, benchmarking and usage metering information for cloud infrastructure.  It will provide the reporting, analysis and operations support for both internal and remote cloud infrastructures.

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Forrester Research Predicts the Future of Software as a Service Technology

saas1 Software as a service (Saas) gained significant momentum in recent years due to lower cost, smaller storage requirement and the need for fewer personnel. The threshold of Saas lies Human Capital management and Customer Relationship Management applications. Gradually, it has spread in the areas like Web conferencing, collaboration, and IT service management. Forrester Research Inc, a Market Research Firm, made a study upon top 14 SaaS application technologies based on growth and future potential for success. They found that the following SaaS technologies are going to be hot in the coming days. Full article »

Microsoft Cloud Platform, Azure can be Hosted on Future version of Windows Server

azure The future version of  Windows server will support  Microsoft Cloud based Service Platform, Azure. Azure runs on Windows Server 2008 inside Microsoft’s data centers. Azure, like other newer-generation cloud platforms, enables faster setup and easier scaling, and lets users pay for usage, thus avoiding upfront investment. Microsoft offers both Windows Server software and the Azure as  software as a service strategy because of the fact that  companies are unsure about the performance on  cloud infrastructure. Azure is supposed to be released later this year.

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Review of Web Based Project Management Tool, Test Cases

Elementool Inc, the leading developer of Project Management software, launched On Line Project Management tool, Test Cases yesterday. This software is suitable for real time system such as banks, hospitals, and airplanes where critical bugs may cause serious business loss. Test cases can be managed and controlled more efficiently with the help of this tool. There are two types of packages of the software.  Basic software with 200 test cases are free. The price is $24.99 for multiple accounts with unlimited test cases.

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A Close Look at Relenta CRM Application

Relenta, a Saas based CRM software, automatically gathers the pieces of data that are sitting around separate applications (such as email clients, group calendars, CRM solutions and to-do lists), and displays them on one single page into one elegant Web 2.0 application. This includes customer profile, correspondence (emails), buying history, buying preferences, automated prompts for next action, contact history (usually over the phone, by fax and by email) etc. The price comes with two options. One is $25 per user per month on monthly bais with 1 GB and 2,500 contacts per user and another is $20 per user per month on Quarterly basis.

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IBM Partners with Amazon Web Service to Provide Amazon Cloud Computing Application to its Customers

IBM made different types of announcement in terms of Cloud Computing recently. The most interesting one is the partnership with Amazon Web Service. The partnership will provide Software as a Service to IBM Amazon Information Management database servers, IBM Lotus content management, and IBM WebSphere portal and middleware products through Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service. On the other hand, Microsoft is also getting ready for its cloud computing service Windows Azure, that will help developers to develop services and applications that are supported by Microsoft’s data centers.

Full article » Shares Fall as the President Quits

The share fell at stock market as the president and chief executive officer left the company. As per the Wall st speculation, the company may go through rough time during fourth quarter. is the leading provider of Software as a Service over the net. Steve Cakebread, who joined the company in 2002 as chief financial officer, resigned effective Feb. 1 for personal reason. Additionally, Gary Hanna, a leading sales executive and another executive also left the company.

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