Does Global Recession Benefit BPO Industry?

bpo┬áThe current global recession hit most of the developing countried very badly, it may be a blessing for BPO industries in developing countries. Most of the global players cannot have high fixed costs when their revenues are going down,and that impacts their bottomline. So they will have to make their costs variable, which is keeping with the decrease in the revenue. Thus offshoring and outsourcing are the two top choices they have.For example, many BPO companies who handle mortgage business are doing well during this slowdown period. That’s because many homeowners are going for foreclosure.

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India: the Hottest Destination for Patent Outsource

India made a significant progress in the Intellectual Property (IP ) space. A lot of it’s happening through patent service outsourcing in India. This means, a lot of background work for the numerous patents that are being filed by other countries, are being done out of India.

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Indian IT Market to Grow 18% in 2008

The Indian IT market is expected to grow by 18 per cent to $38 billion in the present year, clocking second highest growth rate after China, which is likely to attain a 20 per cent growth and touch $138 billion mark, according to research data released by Forrester. Full article »

Key Factors for High Level of Stress for Indian BPOs

As per Dataquest-IDC E-Sat survey, the top five reasons for high degree of stress for Indian BPO companies are as follows. Full article »

IBM Announced Language Translation Service Center at Pune, India

IBM announced a new Language Translation Services Center (LTSC) in the Pune facility to address increasing demand from clients in Europe for non-English language skills.

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