How You can Conduct Security Audit for Your IT Department

BXP37799 Most of the big enterprises have IT department now a days. They have IT assets such as computers, networks, and data. You conduct security audit to find out potential security risks in your company. This article highlights the core areas to conduct security audit. Full article »

How to Check the Security of Password

password_star1 You must be using your password to access information in your computer and in your on line transaction. The main purpose of a password is to guard something of yours. Password should be strong enough so that it can not be broken by wild guessing or by brute force method that hackers use from time to time. This article gives you the tips about how to check the password security. Full article »

Would the new Microsoft Security Essential be Able to Dispel your Security Concern?

microsoft-security-essentials Microsoft released the new Beta version of their free security antivirus which is available in a few countries for download including USA and China. The final product will be available before the end of 2009.  Microsoft has promised to release a lightweight security tool that will take care of Viruses, spyware, rootkits and Trojans without compromising the speed of your system.You can download the software as follows:

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New Attack on IE7 Security Flaw is Detected

Microsoft recently announced fixes to address a critical security flaw that allows malicious web site to install Malware to an infected PC. The malware affects those Pc’s that are running Excahnge and SQL Server. Security Firm like Trend Micro further noticed renewed attack for the IE7 flaws that was fixed recently. Though the attack is smaller at this point of time, it many grow further down the road.

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The Latest Worm, Conficker or Downadup, Hit Millions of Computers Worldwide

Conficker or Downadup, the fastest growing computer worm hit the internet, affecting millions of computers across the world, as per security expert. It takes advantage of windows vulnerability and spread by guessing the PC administrative password on net or by means of USB drive. China was affected the most with 29% infection and Argentinia stood second with 11% infection. The infection rate is about 1% in USA.

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Oracle, Microsoft, RIM Released Impotant Patches

Oracle is supposed to release the update of critical patches on Tuesday. It includes 41 security patches in its database and enterprise software products. RIM also released a critical patch for Blackberry Enterprise Server that fixes a critical flaw in the way those servers process PDF documents.

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Beware! The New Facebook Worm Turns Your Computer to a Zombie

As per Facebook, hackers have released new worm by the name Koobface that surfaced on Friday. The program is passing through a message that requests the audience to watch a video. Once the URL is clicked, he is redirected to a new site and asked to download a program. The program is malacious.  According to the Kaspersky Lab, “the worms transform victim machines into zombie computers to form botnets.” Full article »

FusionX, the New Homeland Security Solution from Microsoft Provides Better Collaboration and Geospatial Intelligence

Microsoft Corp and ESRI, provider of GIS, ESRI software,  tied up together to offer Homeland Security Software FusionX that helps protect citizens, prevent and solve crimes, and enable counter-terrorism through software. The key of the new product is advanced collaboration and geospatial intelligence capabilities in combination with the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise with the collaboration capabilities of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

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Oracle Issued Warning Over the Security Concern of WebLogic

Oracle on Tuesday issued a Security Alert related to a vulnerability that affects the Apache plug-in for Oracle WebLogic, formerly known as BEA WebLogic. The problem lies in the Apache plugin for the Oracle WebLogic Server and Express products (formerly known as BEA WebLogic). Both of them are  application servers. The problem is rated as serious. Full article »

Norton Safe Web Launches Beta

Symantec on Monday opened public beta testing of a new plug-in called Norton Safe Web. The tool is used to rate a website that will let people easily see what sites are legitimate and which are malicious. It is also going to warn the users before they are able to open a malicious site. The software itself is available only for Norton users, but they are also offering a manual service in which you can submit a site to see if any information is available on it. Full article »

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