Role of Quality Assurance in Extreme Programming (XP) Environment

extreme-programmingExtreme Programming (XP) does not have a separate  Quality Assurance (QA) team or role. Usually, the programmers perform unit testing, and either the programmers or the customer carries out acceptance testing.  The QA team is associated with the project from the very beginning. They want to break the system at the early stage of the development so that customer does not get faulty product.

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Top 8 ways SCRUM Differs from XP and Why it Matters

agile Both XP and SCRUM are derived from  Agile methodology but with a slight different principle and practices.  When you work in a software development team, both of the above methodologies are so close that you may get confused which one you are in. Different people provide different opinion about the differences between the two methodologies. I worked with both of the XP and Scrum team. What I learned about the differences between both of the software development approaches, I would like to share with you. Full article »

Top 8 Disadvantages of Extreme Programming

xp Extreme Programming (XP) is such a  methodology so that either you do all of XP or none at all. There is no in-between thing.  But all of the utopian theory of XP may not be true in all cases. I interacted with many Project Managers due to the nature of my profession and I found some of the major difficulties for the implementation of XP project. Full article »

Top 10 Benefits of Extreme Programming

xp1 Extreme Programming (xp) is a methodology for software development. The key concept is that it works by bringing the whole team of your company together.  The core idea of XP is Agile programming that is fast and flexible and Iterative development. The team gets enough feedback to see where they are and to adapt the practices to their unique situation. XP is widely recommended for small teams. Here are the top benefits for using Extreme Programming. Full article »

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