IBM Roadrunner is Judged Fastest Computer at Supercomputer Conference

images3 The 2009 International Supercomputing Conference ranked IBM Roadrunner as the fastest supercomputer followed by Cray’s Jaguar. The IBM supercomputer accounts 1.105 petaflops. The Cray XT5 Jaguar One  comes with 1.059 petaflops. A petaflop is  quadrillion floating point operations per second. There are two other systems that feature in the top 10 list. They are the IBM BlueGene/P called Jugene and the Juropa, which is built from Novascale and Sun Microsystems Sun Blade x6048 server. The two German based systems that belong to non-American category featured in the top 10 list.

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Top 10 Things to Do with Your Old PC

19839506_7c803b7e631You might be looking for a faster, jazzy PC. But, have you ever thought what good things you can do with the old PC rather than dismantling it totally. I have some ideas. May be that can help you out. I would like to share this with you, guys. Full article »

Sale Declined Significantly for the Top 5 Server Vendors

servers The server market regardless of x86 or Unix is impacted badly due to recession. The data shows that overall sales for Servers went down by 24% worldwide. It also says that the top 5 vendors witnessed double digit drop of server market during the same period. Additionally, the shipment dropped to 1.7 million units.

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IBM Launches Smart Cube, combination of iPod & iTune for Enterprise

smartcube3_270x345 IBM today announced the availability of Smart Cube, an  integrated hardware, software and services package that was targeted for small and medium businesses. The company claims that it is going to be easier to run and manage compared to traditional servers. Smart cube comes with Linux and IBM’s i operating system. The server starts at $8000 price tag. Smart Cube has the following components. Full article »

The Top Nine Advantages of Freemium Business Model

freemium Freemium is a Business Model that offers basic services for free while charging premium for advanced features. Skype is a good example of Freemium Service. Any voice call within the network is free, but, there is a premium for call outside the network. The best part of this business model is that you, as a service provider, can make customer understand why they have to pay money for paid service. I think the business model that focuses on user value and monetize the value is very powerful compared to others.

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Oracle Ranked Number One in Enterprise Application Software in Middle East and Africa

eas1 Oracle is the leading Enterprise Application software (EAS)vendor in Middle East and North Africa. The company posted strong year-to-year revenue growth in those countries and its year-on-year EAS revenue was up by 43.1% in 2007. Oracle is the largest EAS vendor in UAE market in 2007, according to IDC, with 44.1% market share and revenues of $49.96 million.

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Jive’s New Social Networking Tool will Help Corporate Collaboration

sn1 Jive is going to release new social networking tool  next week that will help Business collaboration and brainstorming session. Jive Social Business Software (SBS) 3.0 will mainly focus upon employee engagement, marketing and sales, customer support, and innovation. Jive features collaboration, community and social network on enterprise platform. The price  of SBS 3.0 is $59 per user per year for four centers.

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Review of Webload, an Open Source Load Test Tool


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A Close Look at Latest Release of Open Source Portal Framework, Liferay Portal 5.2


portalAccording to Gartner, Enterprise portals are the major applications of  SOA concepts. Liferay Inc is an open source company who focuses mainly on Enterprise Portals. Liferay Portal 5.2 Enterprise edition was designed for building EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) and distributing the transactions across multiple servers. It is JSR 168 compliant and works on servlet containers such as Jetty and Tomcat and  J2EE servers like WebLogic and WebSphere. The software is also bundled with Tomcat 6.0.

Full article » Launched The Service Cloud, Next Generation CRM Platform launched SaaS model based Service Cloud which is the next generation platform for Customer Service Application. The Cloud gathers information from the knowledge resource from internet and uses it for commercial Customer service. The software comprises call-center features with aspects of search engine technology and social-networking sites like Facebook. You can get Service Cloud with the help of native cloud-computing power of The price of Service Cloud starts at US $995 per month. Full article »

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