Top 10 Practices to Develop a Good Website

template_003 The core idea of developing a good website is that the article of the site has to be interesting and easy to understand. You have to draw the attention of the viewers to the website and lead them further deep down the site without making any confusion. This article emphasizes on some nice tips about how to make good and user friendly web site. Full article »

Top Five Ways You Can Get Fired For Wrongful Use Of Computer

345192_f260 The parameters for the use of computer at workplace are sometimes confusing.  Although, we use internet at work for many of our personal purposes like sending email, paying bills, checking stock ticker, but, we should exactly know where to draw the limit. Since, cases are rising drastically where employee gets fired for wrongful use of computer at work. I am highlighting a few important points for which employee may loose his job. Full article »

How to Manage Internet Access for Enterprise

300px-internet_map_1024 As your business grows, the dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications also increases. More importantly, your business requires always-on connectivity. But, gradually, Internet has become a potential security risk. The enterprises are looking ways about how to control web access.

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Microsoft Released Internet Explorer 8

ie8_logo Microsoft just launched Internet Explorer 8. You can get it in 25 languages from the download site.  The browser was in Beta release for the last one year. So, it is interesting to see how the final product works. You will be able to see some significant improvements in RSS, Cascade Style Sheet. Also, it includes Ajax support. As a developer , you can find tools with the browser for HTML, CSS and Javascript debugging directly from the browser. If the browser crashes, you can recover web pages when the browser is restarted. Microsoft also claims that the the browser improves rendering with the new version.

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An Overview of Code Lab, the APIs Link for Major Google Projects

12872v1-max-250x250Google just launched Code Lab. This is a place where developers can find 60 APIs  to access early-stage Google products and explore new ideas among developers. Third parties can build APIs at Google lab and it also says what projects Google has made a long term commitment  and what they have not. Google also announced a list of several Google Code Lab “graduates,” featuring best-known APIs and tools. The list includes App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, AJAX Search API, Maps API, Earth API, Calendar Data API, and YouTube APIs. The complete list can be avaialable here.

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Will a $6 Billion Package Really Make Any and Every Americans Interested in Broadband?

US Senate and House are close to reach a deal to approve $6 billion for the deployment of Broadband across the country. Proposed legislation in the Senate would give a heavy tax credit to service providers offering 100-Mbps speeds and up. But, Cable Companies who provide Broadband less than 100 Mbps want tax credit for 50 Mbps connection.

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Microsoft Launched IE8 Release Candidate With New Security Features

Microsoft just released Release candidate for IE 8.This is the last Beta version before the final release. The latest version will support Windows Vista, Windows Server and Windows XP Service Pack 2. But, older version or Windows 7 is not supported by the browser. The main features of the new release are: Full article »

The Growth of Gmail Last Year (43%) is Major Concern for AOL and Hotmail

Google launched its Gmail service 4 yrs back after Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Windows Live Hotmail. But, it witnessed a serious growth in the US during last year. As per the forecast of comScore, Gmail grew 43 percent last year to 29.6 million. In contrast, the much more massive Yahoo Mail grew 11 percent to 91.9 million uniques. AOL Mail stood second for the year with 46.6 million uniques (plus another 7.2 million visitors to AIM Mail), while the popularity of Hotmail actually dropped to 5 percent to 43.5 million.

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Review of Joost, A Free Internet TV Service

Joost is a P2P internet TV service based on Flash-based Web player. It is just like watching your Television but whenever you want. The service is free. But, there are video ad in between the program and image ad on the side. Joost offers a desktop client that allows the user to watch on-demand TV over the internet and it requires a download. Since , it is a P2P service,  the server streams out less data. It only serves a few users. The rest of the data is distributed from peer to peer.

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Free Dating Sites Move Up Ranking in USA

Online Personals Watch analyzes the trend of internet dating industry. 90% of the top free dating sites in the USA and UK moved up rankings from May to December 2008. The most interesting feature of the new sites are the ranking system based upon the the profiles of people in real life. If a person posts fake photograph or profile other users can place them in lower rank. Users can rate 1 star to 5 star. The 1 star means “not even close” and 5 stars mean “true to life.”

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