An Overview of Code Lab, the APIs Link for Major Google Projects

12872v1-max-250x250Google just launched Code Lab. This is a place where developers can find 60 APIs¬† to access early-stage Google products and explore new ideas among developers. Third parties can build APIs at Google lab and it also says what projects Google has made a long term commitment¬† and what they have not. Google also announced a list of several Google Code Lab “graduates,” featuring best-known APIs and tools. The list includes App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, AJAX Search API, Maps API, Earth API, Calendar Data API, and YouTube APIs. The complete list can be avaialable here.

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Top 5 Reasons Why It is Impossible to Beat Google

Google believes in clarity and focus. They demonstrate the idea that customer gets first priority and makes the profit. For the past ten years, Google has been helping people navigate the Internet and find exactly what they were looking for. In my opinion, the main reasons that Google is so great are: Full article »

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