Top 10 Practices to Develop a Good Website

template_003 The core idea of developing a good website is that the article of the site has to be interesting and easy to understand. You have to draw the attention of the viewers to the website and lead them further deep down the site without making any confusion. This article emphasizes on some nice tips about how to make good and user friendly web site. Full article »

How to Manage Internet Access for Enterprise

300px-internet_map_1024 As your business grows, the dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications also increases. More importantly, your business requires always-on connectivity. But, gradually, Internet has become a potential security risk. The enterprises are looking ways about how to control web access.

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IBM to Launch Broadband Service Through Power Lines to Enhance Its Widespread Implementation in Rural Areas in US

IBM unveiled an idea to implement Broadband through Power line. The technology was here for quite a while, but, it was never implemented. The Blue chip company ties up with International Broadband Electric to launch the new mobilization in the distant part of rural area. Other companies tried to provide the service before with the similar concept. But, it didn’t go further. The basic service starts from $29.95 per month with 256 kbps download. But, other plans offer download speed upto 3 megabits per second which is in line with DSL or Cable. Full article »

AT & T is Trying to Limit Internet Subscriber’s Data Usage

AT & T joined the club with other telecom companies to limit the subscriber’s data from this month. They are going to test the policy first at Reno, Nevada. Subscribers with slowest plan are entitled to download 20 GB of data per month. Those with faster plan will be limited to download 150 gigabytes of data per month.  The other telecom companies like Comcast, Time Warner Cable and FairPoint Communications are also trying to limit the data usage for internet subscribers.

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Security is a Big Concern for Websites of Major US Banks

A new study from University of Michigan reveals that 75% of all US banks have security flaw. The security concern includes design flaws that expose passwords and are susceptible to tampering by attackers, researchers say.

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A Close Look of SmarterStats, a Web Analyzing Tool

SmarterStats 4.x is a full-featured web server log processing and reporting tool, that provides complete reports for website traffic, visitors, referrers, traffic patterns, search engines and any other detail expected from an expert log analyzer. The program installs as a service that automatically processes your log files in the background and provides a very intelligent web interface that allows you to view the graphical reports for your site(s).

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Norton Safe Web Launches Beta

Symantec on Monday opened public beta testing of a new plug-in called Norton Safe Web. The tool is used to rate a website that will let people easily see what sites are legitimate and which are malicious. It is also going to warn the users before they are able to open a malicious site. The software itself is available only for Norton users, but they are also offering a manual service in which you can submit a site to see if any information is available on it. Full article »

AOL to Scrap Some of Its On Line Services

Aol is cutting down some of its internet services in order to boost the finances. The company is going to put out Bluestring, a site to share videos, music, and photos; Xdrive, a general-purpose online storage service; and AOL Pictures, where people could store and share photos, according to a July 14 memo from Kevin Conroy, AOL’s executive vice president of products and marketing. These services with AIM World and MyMobile will be discontinued because they didn’t get much popularity. Full article »

Google Web Index Hits 1 Trillion URLs

The main popularity of Google is its ability in having extensive database of links, which at the last count, has exceeded one trillion. Two Google engineers on Friday said that Google’s index of the Web now contains 1 trillion unique URLs.

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15 Cool Web Sites

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