Top 8 Benefits of CMMI Certification for IT Companies

cmmi-staged-maturity-levels Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) is the collection of best software engineering practices that was designed by Carnegie Melon University. You can use it as a guidance to improve the quality processes at your company.  The guidelines also aims to help organizations focus on process improvement strategies.

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Top 8 Tips for Becoming a Successful Quality Assurance Manager

tqmIf you want to become a successful Quality Manager, the key is to develop a good QA procedure. You have to clearly define the goal, requirements, review, processes and metrics. It is necessary for you to set up a good QA procedure in order to survive in this competitive market. Most of the good companies who prosper have a solid QA procedure and the implementation starts since the beginning of the project. In this article, I mention a few crucial points in order to become a good QA manager. Full article »

Try the New Cloud Based Ruby Testing Framework Devver if You Need to Speed up Ruby Testing

devver Devver takes the combination of all of the tools that developers use at their desktop and convert them into cloud service. Currently, they emphasize Ruby tools and testing. They have a plan to release an open API so that developers can use it for additional service like Python, PHP and Java languages. Currently, they are offering the service free in private beta release. The company claims to finish test as fast as 1/3 rd time that developer takes to test at their machines.

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Review of LiquidTest, Web Test Automation Framework

n-test-tab LiquidTest is a browser based automated web application testing framework. It contains Eclipse rich client application for recording browser action produces output test script in Java, C#, Groovy, Ruby and other languages. The tools contains three separate editions; Developer Edition, Tester Edition and Server Edition. The company offers 30 days free trial period for you. You can buy LiquidTest bundle that includes Developer/Test edition and Server license and costs $1990.

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Role of Quality Assurance in Extreme Programming (XP) Environment

extreme-programmingExtreme Programming (XP) does not have a separate  Quality Assurance (QA) team or role. Usually, the programmers perform unit testing, and either the programmers or the customer carries out acceptance testing.  The QA team is associated with the project from the very beginning. They want to break the system at the early stage of the development so that customer does not get faulty product.

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Top 10 Benefits of ISO 9000 Certification for Software Companies

iso_largeISO 9000 is the family of standard for Quality Management System. It is maintained by International Organization for Standardization and is administered by accreditation and certification bodies. My company has been able to improve the quality of the end products and services as well as business processes after having ISO certification.

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Review of Molybdenum, an Open Source Test Tool for Web Applications

logo Molybdenum is a visual test tool to test web application. The software version 0.7.1 is compatible with Firefox 3.1. It is based on Selenium and you can use it as add-on to your Firefox browser. The software is developed under license from Apache License 2.0. This tool simulates the user action to the Firefox browser. You can download the software from here.

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A Close Look at JTrac, an Open Source Bug Tracking Tool

jtrac-logo JTrac 2.1.0 is an open source issue tracking web application software, written in Java and it is bundled with Jetty Web Application Server. JTrac is distributed as a WAR file. You can easily install it by dropping the software at your servlet engine. The JTrac web-application checks the environment on startup and if a configured database is not detected, HSQLDB is used by default. If you have Java 5 installed you can run the application after downloading and extracting JTrac - by simply using start and stop scripts. The tool uses Acegi Security framework for Spring. You can get the software from here and there is a documentation at this place.

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ClearMetrix, the Quality Assessment Solution for Contact Center Released

HyperQuality, the leading provider of third arty quality assurance and business intelligence for contact centers, recently announced ClearMetrix. The hosted software will help companies improve contact, operational and marketing performance. The solution also provides customer contact center data to the user to make useful decision like improving agents’ behavior etc. Full article »

A Close Look of Database Test Tool DTM Data Generator

DTM Data Generator is a very useful tool to generate data for database testing process like performance testing, QA testing, loading tests etc.  The DBA, now a days, spends lot of hours to create test data before using it for database testing. This tool automatically creates test data, database tables and sets of INSERT/UPDATE statements. The demo version is free and enterprise edition cost US $149.

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