mySpace to Downsize 30% of its Workforce

images1 The social networking site, mySpace just announced to cut its workforce in USA by 30% of its 1500 approximate number of employees. The third quarter income of mySpace fell by 47%.  The company didn’t disclose severance terms or how much MySpace is going to save by lowering its workforce and laying off  nearly 500 U.S. employees.

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A Close Look at New Twtapps

Twtvite is a simple event management tool. You  just input your Twitter name, event name, place, time, date, and add an 140 character description. You can share the information of twtvite on Twitter, Facebook, other social apps and via email. You can also embed a twtvite widget with RSVP options.

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Top 8 Social Media Trends for 2009

As per the conventional wisdom, social media is changing very rapidly. It’ll remain a moving target for marketers as well as an exciting technology for developers and users. Here is a quick list of my social media predictions for 2009 that I gathered after analyzing and reading different opinion of pundits. Full article »

8 Ways to Put Advertisement in Social Media

Social Networking has become major talking point now a days. We come across with different types of social media sites for the last couple of years. Social Media sites like MySpace and Facebook already made a huge impact as part of collaboration Software. So, we are always confused how can we advertise and market properly in such ad-adverse environments?  I would like to share my thoughts about the different ways user can put their ad on social media sites. Full article »

Top 10 Social Media Sites in 2008

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