Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Successful Project Manager

proj2 If your project can’t meet a deadline or you deliver project not within the budget and react to problems after they occur,¬† continually add resources as the project goes ahead, then you need to reevaluate your project management methodology to maintain better control and make confident decisions. A good project manager has to have a general management skills with a strong hunch to solve the problem. You have to plan and manage the project, not to do it.

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Review of Method 123 Project Management Methodology Tool

project-lifecycle Overview:

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Indian IT Market to Grow 18% in 2008

The Indian IT market is expected to grow by 18 per cent to $38 billion in the present year, clocking second highest growth rate after China, which is likely to attain a 20 per cent growth and touch $138 billion mark, according to research data released by Forrester. Full article »

A Brief Introspect of Agile Methodology for Software Development


Agile method attempts to minimize risk and maximize productivity by developing software in short iterations and deemphasizing work on secondary or interim work artifact. Scrum and Extreme-programming (XP) are two of the most popular agile methods.

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