Congratulations AT&T, You Just Made 12,000 People Jobless! Happy Now?

It looks like that recession has become an excuse for companies to lay off people in any damn number. The other day Google laid off 10,000 people and Yahoo 2,000. It looks like that following its humble predecessor, AT&T also handed pink slips to 12,000 people, ie 4% staff across the world. The company further said that job cut is going to take place in December and throughout 2009. These layoffs come on top of 4,600 job cut that the company already announced in April. Although, they still claimed that they will also be hiring for Broadband and Cell Phone division for the year 2009.

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The Latest Enterprise Telecom Product from Flint will Help Voice Calls Directly through the Flint Switching Network

Flint Telecom Group Inc., a provider of ”turnkey” IP telecom services to Global Telecom and Enterprise Markets, announced the enhancement of SaaS based enterprise product HipLink software. The new product is a hybrid version for existing customers so that they can send voice calls directly through the Flint switching network. It will also enable customers’ access to turnkey end-to-end voice solutions for emergency and standard broadcasts for any size.

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Conspiracy Theory Behind the Cut of UnderSea Cable

First a ship’s anchor cut into two high-priority cables — Flag Telecom’s Europe-Asia cable and the consortium-owned SEA-ME-WE 4 system. That pretty seriously damaged communications in the Middle East and choked traffic to India.

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