Twitter Hit 20 million Visitors in June

twitter_logo As opposed to the popular misconception that teens are the majority users for Twitter, lot of other people are also using Twitter. When the unique visitor hit is going down in US, Twitter’s hit improved significantly in the last few months. 20.1 million unique visitors in the U.S got into Twitter in June compared to 14 million of the previous month. The page views of Twitter hit 628 million, a 21 percent increase in comparison of the previous month. If you bring the global visitors into account then the number of unique visitors stands at 37 million. The above figure gives you the estimate for Twitter Website. Half of the visitor use desktop and mobile clients to access twitter.

A Close Look at TweetMic- New Addon Twitter App to Publish Audio Tweet for iPhone

tweetmic_on_iphone You can create high quality audio recordings or “Tweetcasts” and publish them directly to Twitter with the help of new simple and intuitive addon app TweetMic. I would consider it a nice step to advance Social Networking one step ahead. You can make unlimited audio recording and review them before posting to twitter without going through any extra hassle of signup for anything. You just have to link TweetMic to your Twitter account for publication. Additionally, the price of the app is 99 cent. You can get TweetMic from apple store.

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Twitter is also Vulnerable to Hacking

images1Secure Science researchers found vulnerability of Twitter Microblogging site. Hackers can attack user accounts as well as make your computer a compromising position with the help of the cross scripting code(XSS). 750 Twitter accounts were hacked last week to send Tweet spam.
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Use Twitrans to Translate Twitter Message in Different Languages

Twitrans is a free service that was launched by You can send tweets or personal message in any language other than English. So, if you like to send personal message to a Hindi speaking person in India, then send a Twitter short message to @twitrans followed by the translation requested(English(en) to Hindi(hi) is en2hi).

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A Close Look at New Twtapps

Twtvite is a simple event management tool. You  just input your Twitter name, event name, place, time, date, and add an 140 character description. You can share the information of twtvite on Twitter, Facebook, other social apps and via email. You can also embed a twtvite widget with RSVP options.

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Twitter Raises $15million Through Venture Capital

Twitter has raised a new $15 million round of funding, following a bidding war by venture capitalists interested to get a slice of the micro-blogging start-up, according to a report from GigaOm. According to GiagaOm, a new investor is leading the round with existing investor, Union Square Ventures also participating in this round.

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