The Top Nine Advantages of Freemium Business Model

freemium Freemium is a Business Model that offers basic services for free while charging premium for advanced features. Skype is a good example of Freemium Service. Any voice call within the network is free, but, there is a premium for call outside the network. The best part of this business model is that you, as a service provider, can make customer understand why they have to pay money for paid service. I think the business model that focuses on user value and monetize the value is very powerful compared to others.

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A Close Look at JTrac, an Open Source Bug Tracking Tool

jtrac-logo JTrac 2.1.0 is an open source issue tracking web application software, written in Java and it is bundled with Jetty Web Application Server. JTrac is distributed as a WAR file. You can easily install it by dropping the software at your servlet engine. The JTrac web-application checks the environment on startup and if a configured database is not detected, HSQLDB is used by default. If you have Java 5 installed you can run the application after downloading and extracting JTrac - by simply using start and stop scripts. The tool uses Acegi Security framework for Spring. You can get the software from here and there is a documentation at this place.

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Top 5 Tips to Find a Recession Proof Job

jobsAs the economy goes down, it’s harder to find job opportunities in both technical and traditional lines of work. Yes, finding a job requires patience and endurance. At the same time, you have to be a little smart to find the niche of recession proof job market. After interacting with HRD professional in different industries, I feel that you should focus on job market that is stable and experiences future growth. I would like to share my thoughts with you.

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Twitter is also Vulnerable to Hacking

images1Secure Science researchers found vulnerability of Twitter Microblogging site. Hackers can attack user accounts as well as make your computer a compromising position with the help of the cross scripting code(XSS). 750 Twitter accounts were hacked last week to send Tweet spam.
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Microsoft Released Internet Explorer 8

ie8_logo Microsoft just launched Internet Explorer 8. You can get it in 25 languages from the download site.  The browser was in Beta release for the last one year. So, it is interesting to see how the final product works. You will be able to see some significant improvements in RSS, Cascade Style Sheet. Also, it includes Ajax support. As a developer , you can find tools with the browser for HTML, CSS and Javascript debugging directly from the browser. If the browser crashes, you can recover web pages when the browser is restarted. Microsoft also claims that the the browser improves rendering with the new version.

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Review of Doox CMS, an Open Source Content Management System


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Conficker Worm May Hit Badly on April Fool’s Day

facebook-koobface-wormAs per Security firm F-Secure, already 9 million PCs have already been hit by the worm Conficker/Downadup. IT management firm CA further predicts that it may hit back on April Fool’s day in a big way. The new version of the worm will generate 50,000 URLs a day and report back to any one of 500 of them.

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Cittio Released Open Source Monitoring Tool Zeppelin for Cloud Computing

cloudZeppelin is a Cittio project that enhances cloud Computing capabilities. The software provides detailed asset, performance, auditing, benchmarking and usage metering information for cloud infrastructure.  It will provide the reporting, analysis and operations support for both internal and remote cloud infrastructures.

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Forrester Research Predicts the Future of Software as a Service Technology

saas1 Software as a service (Saas) gained significant momentum in recent years due to lower cost, smaller storage requirement and the need for fewer personnel. The threshold of Saas lies Human Capital management and Customer Relationship Management applications. Gradually, it has spread in the areas like Web conferencing, collaboration, and IT service management. Forrester Research Inc, a Market Research Firm, made a study upon top 14 SaaS application technologies based on growth and future potential for success. They found that the following SaaS technologies are going to be hot in the coming days. Full article »

Netmagic ties up with three SAP partners

BANGALORE - Managed IT services provider Netmagic Solutions has tied up with three SAP partners to target the growing Indian small and medium businesses (SMBs) market by expanding its hosting service offerings, the company said Friday.

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