Top 10 Things to Do with Your Old PC

19839506_7c803b7e631You might be looking for a faster, jazzy PC. But, have you ever thought what good things you can do with the old PC rather than dismantling it totally. I have some ideas. May be that can help you out. I would like to share this with you, guys. Full article »

Intel’s Upcoming Larrabee Project

Intel announced on Monday about their forthcoming Larrabee architecture which is going to be the foundation for their future Intel “many-core” graphics processors. This will be a major shift from their Pentium Pro based architecture model. They will present the model at the upcomg SIGGRAPH 2008 conference.

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Chipmaker VIA Launched Latest Isaiah Processor

The new Nano Processor family from Via, based on Isaiah CPU architecture is going to hit the market very shortly. The Nano processors offer a significant performance boost over Via’s existing C7 line of processors and will compete against Intel’s Atom processors. Via Nano is also pin compatible with C7 processors allowing them to be used in existing motherboards and integrated systems

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